Zaentz Media Center | 2600 Tenth Street
Photo of Berkeley, CA commercial office space at 2600 Tenth St.

2600 Tenth Street

Location: Berkeley

Use: Zaentz Media Center

Area: 130,000 sq. ft.

Type: New

Completed: 1971 and 1980; remodeled 2007

Wareham purchased the Zaentz Media Center (known as the house that Creedence Clearwater Revival built) in early 2007. A two-story building contains the renowned Fantasy Studios, the Northern California recording studio of choice. A seven-story tower is equipped with two theaters and a sound stage, and is one of four venues in the world for Oscar-nominated screenings to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Wareham has modernized the facility so it may once again take the world stage as a center for creative artistic energy for the creative arts and entertainment technologies. Besides the Zaentz Film Company, other tenants include many of the Bay Area's award-winning independent feature and documentary filmmakers, educational film distributors, and sound designers; as well as other creative businesses like award-winning WLC Architects. For additional information, please visit and